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We’re living in a visual society. Every day, we see new ways of visual advertising. Some of the messages presented without the use of words can be very powerful, as if there's some subliminal code that makes us think. As photographers, we are used to delivering messages by solely providing the image. Or are we? This series is the go-to resource for compelling visual storytelling in landscape photography and closes this week with advanced communication techniques that help create spectacular images. Join me now as... READ MORE
FStoppers | 07-20-2016 8:32 AM
  • 156
Fine Art photographer Pascal Goet has been capturing macro photos for 26 years, but it’s only today that his work made its way onto our radar. His series Mask & Totem features some of the most colorful, anthropomorphic insects he’s photographed—insects that looks like mysterious, intricate masks.Some of the “faces” are easier to see than others, but each begins to look like an alien or animal figure the longer you stare at it, especially if you attend one of Goet’s exhibitions and see the images... READ MORE
PetaPixel | 07-20-2016 7:06 AM
  • 117
Jagged peaks, precipitous drops, deep and sweeping valleys: mountainous landscapes are unquestionably some of the most photogenic places on the planet. It shows too – take a look at any photo magazine or website, and you are likely to find not just one or two, but dozens of images of mountains.Mountains are a landscape torn apart by the steady pressure of plate tectonics and erosion, and in that drama is the potential for spectacular photography. Why then are so many images of mountains boring? Because landscape... READ MORE
Digital Photography School | 07-20-2016 7:00 AM
  • 127
All images used with the permission of the photographers in our interviews. Landscape photography is pretty tough to get right–but some Landscape Photographers tend to stand out more amongst the rest. In our almost eight years of doing this site, we’ve come across the work of many incredible Landscape Photographers. The artists after the jump will inspire... READ MORE
The Phoblographer | 07-19-2016 9:02 PM
  • 113
If you're in the market for some new Canon gear, now is a very good time to buy. Canon has extended their rebate on body and lens combinations until August 27. Check out our list of all eligible items![ Read More ]... READ MORE
FStoppers | 07-19-2016 3:39 PM
  • 100
Canon Master Krystle Wright had a pretty neat idea: shooting a kayaker cresting a 60-foot waterfall at night. With some ingenuity, she got her shot.[ Read More ]... READ MORE
FStoppers | 07-19-2016 2:33 PM
  • 170
Researchers working on atomic-level storage have found a way to store massive amounts of data in a tiny space. With a bit more improving, this technology could mean memory cards with tens of terabytes of storage.The technology was developed by scientists at TU Delft, and it works by shuffling chlorine atoms around on a copper surface, where they naturally form a square grid. By leaving empty spots and rearranging the atoms around them like a sliding puzzle, they create patterns that can be read, not... READ MORE
PetaPixel | 07-19-2016 12:39 PM
  • 121
If you enjoy light painting photography, I think this review of tools from Light Painting Brushes (LPB) will interest you. All photographers know that light is essential to taking a successful photograph. At night, when light is limited, light painting can be a fun and artistic form of photography that may stretch a shutter-bug’s creativity by creating light, solely for the purpose of photographing light. If you are new to light painting please read my article – Beginner’s Guide to Light Painting for some ideas... READ MORE
Digital Photography School | 07-19-2016 12:00 PM
  • 347
"I do like let myself get wrapped up by places and time layers, searching among the images a face, a gesture, bring it to the surface and play with it." Italian street photographer Riccardo Magherini tells The Phoblographer. His series, BKK, is the latest of this works that feature cities from Tokyo to Hong Kong, Florence and NYC.... READ MORE
The Phoblographer | 07-19-2016 11:49 AM
  • 112
There are many tips online. Five step listicles of composition, post-processing, editing, getting the model to smile more, and to capture a story in the best way possible. You can be friendlier to clients, communicate your vision to the team, client or model, use on or off camera flash, and setup your camera in a better way to enable easier ways to capture the shot. You can learn about better workflows and how to increase your productivity in post too. All these tools are available... READ MORE
FStoppers | 07-19-2016 11:29 AM
  • 852
You gotta join us live for our next Google+ Hangout, totally free of charge. Not only will you learn terrific techniques, but if you tune in live, you can be entered to win excellent prizes to help you in your work. (Note: MUST BE TUNED IN LIVE TO WIN). We’ll be giving away a copy of Perfectly Clear from Athentech.…This Post Sponsored By:Perfectly Clear for Photoshop or Lightroom is all about saving you time so you can focus on doing what you love best. Get a free trial of the award... READ MORE
PhotoFocus | 07-19-2016 10:30 AM
  • 109
Take a Time Out with Tanya, art director & graphic designer turned commercial photographer who really just wants a break from her three kids. Sign up for her weekly email here so you’ll never miss a Time Out.Last week in my article No Studio? No Problem: How to Create Stunning Head Shots in Any Location, I promised to follow up with some specific examples, including behind-the-scenes shots and lighting diagrams. Without further ado, here are 5 simple lighting setup for portraits on-location, perfect for beginning photographers and... READ MORE
SLR Lounge | 07-19-2016 9:20 AM
  • 1738
I was delighted this week to see that one of my photographs from a recent wedding was selected as an ‘award winner’ in the ‘All About the Light’ category ISPWP’s quarterly competition. Even more so that the founder, Joe Milton, had selected it as his ‘photo of the day’ yesterday! Here is how I made this image. Credit for the method I used really has to go to the awesome Erin & Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios in Charleston, USA. I joined them on their... READ MORE
PetaPixel | 07-19-2016 7:41 AM
  • 622
Nikon and Canon cameras have a button on the camera body to enable a bracketing mode. Sony cameras don’t…I’d buried under the shooting mode menu. Once you know what you’re looking for and configure your settings, it’s very easy to switch in and out of bracketing mode. Let’s go through the settings and get set…This Post Sponsored By:Perfectly Clear for Photoshop or Lightroom is all about saving you time so you can focus on doing what you love best. Get a free trial of the award... READ MORE
PhotoFocus | 07-19-2016 6:00 AM
  • 2570
Ezequiel CabreraWhether you are into nature photography, architecture, art, people, places or sports, this world has a special gem somewhere waiting for you to capture it on film. There are some locations in this world filled with beauty, magic, drama and amazing landmarks. In truth, there are hundreds of places on Earth that give quite a performance in front of the camera and each photography artist probably already polished his own “photography bucket list.” If you think you saw them all or if you are... READ MORE
Photography Spark | 07-19-2016 5:00 AM
  • 649
Seems like the more I listen, the more I hear people talking about the gear, the business of photography, the widgets. Let us not forget the simple love of photography. I understand why there’s so much rhetoric in our industry about the business of photography and the gear and the gadgets. There is the common stereotype that most creative people aren’t good business people. There is fear. Gear is easier to talk about than vision. Exposures are exact, the camera dials have numbers. There is... READ MORE
Chase Jarvis | 07-18-2016 2:07 PM
  • 116
So you just received the gear needed to turn your hot shoe flash into a mini portable studio lighting system. What do you with the box of stuff the UPS guy just dropped onto your dorstep? Where do you start?That is exactly the gap we explore whenever I teach a beginner's lighting class. So today we are going to walk through a "first steps" exercise. Read more »... READ MORE
The Strobist | 07-18-2016 12:41 PM
  • 114
A Look Inside Ansel Adams’ Darkroom Magic https://youtu.be/IoCtni-WWVs It’s hard to imagine a world without Photoshop or Lightroom. But there was a time. Instead of a computer mouse, iconic photographer Ansel Adams used a microwave and cardboard cut-outs to create his masterpieces. We kid you not. In “Advancing Your Photography Show’s” latest video, “An Inside…... READ MORE
PhotoFocus | 07-18-2016 10:30 AM
  • 180
The winners of the 2016 Urban photography awards have been posted. The selections in street, nature, sports, projects and portfolios all contain elements that surely make them award winning images. I served as a judge for the competition; and below what you'll find are images from the winners.... READ MORE
The Phoblographer | 07-18-2016 8:32 AM
  • 133
If you want to take your wildlife photography to the next level, then you need to look at capturing the character and personality of an animal. This makes for a much more appealing image, rather than simply a bird on a stick. A photo always needs to tell a story, but I think many photographers don’t realize that this applies to wildlife photography too.Even though we can’t directly relate to most wild animals, it is still possible to document a story through a single image, or... READ MORE
Digital Photography School | 07-17-2016 12:00 PM
  • 1171
"Certain aesthetics appeal to me when I shoot at night. It's a lot about the mystery of long exposures." Mikko Lagerstedt, a Finland-based night photographer, tells the Phoblographer. Lagerstedt's series Invisible by Day focuses on some of the beauty of this world that is unseen during the daylight hours. "When you photograph at night, you can capture a particular atmosphere to your photos. At night, everything looks different, and it inspires me to capture unique looking landscapes."... READ MORE
The Phoblographer | 07-17-2016 8:29 AM
  • 116
By Ana AndrésEver since I acquired my first orb 3 years ago I love taking pictures with it. Over time, I have discovered what does and doesn’t work for me in my orbalicious images and that is what I would like to share with you in this post. I hope these 5 tips will help you find what you like in your images – which may or may not be the same things I like! To see a wider range of photographs I have taken... READ MORE
F-Stop Lounge | 06-18-2016 5:34 AM
  • 1179
In late 2014 I was given a few pieces of piping. What you might call trash, but I call the ring of fire. It ended up being an incredibly useful tool in my photography. I quickly decided to add it to my (now literal) bag of tricks along with Prisming, Lens Chimping, my Broken Freelens, Anamorphics, etc).These days camera lenses are designed so well that they’ll nearly never create a flare. The coatings are so incredible that even against the brightest, harshest sunlight they will not flare... READ MORE
Sam Hurd Photography | 05-13-2016 4:57 AM
  • 1282
Let’s say I want to start a vegetable garden.  So I go out to the backyard, rip up some grass, and scatter seeds over the dirt.Then I water haphazardly (mostly whenever I have time or think about it) and wait.Many of the seeds get blown away by the wind.When plants start to come in, some bear a little, but others are crowded out by weeds and produce nothing.  So I don’t get much out of it overall.What would you think if I then looked at my dismal harvest, scoffed, and said... READ MORE
Psychology For Photographers | 05-12-2016 12:13 PM
  • 115
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