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Whether it’s indoors or out, natural light photography offers an unparalleled beauty that is difficult to replicate. But just like anything in photography, it comes with its own set of learning curves. Let’s cover a few natural light photography mistakes I’ve made in this journey of understanding how to use natural light. Mistakes to Avoid with Natural Light PhotographyMistake #1: Abundant LightIs there such a thing as too much window light? I mean, who doesn’t love those light, bright, airy spaces that show up in... READ MORE
Click it Up a Notch | 07-31-2019 5:00 AM
  • 240
Lightroom Classic has two primary functions – organizing your photos and editing them. Although its organizational tools are powerful, they’re also the most misunderstood. These are some of the most common catalog-related misunderstandings.#1 – Your photos are not “in” LightroomWhen you import photos into Lightroom Classic, they’re not really “in” Lightroom. The metadata describing the photos is added to a database (called the catalog) as text records, along with a link to that file on the hard drive. Small JPEG previews are also stored next... READ MORE
The Lightroom Queen | 07-29-2019 5:30 AM
  • 661
Learn how to equalize the white balance and exposure in your photo. This technique is amazing for photos with mixed lighting (ex. Interior Real Estate photos) and solves the problem where you can’t seem to get the right balance or exposure. It’s all done using Photoshop’s Camera Raw filter. This filter lets you can access the Radial Filter tool which makes this technique fast and easy.Also mentioned in the video is a set of Real Estate Photoshop actions. If you do any sort of real... READ MORE
Photoshop Tutorials | 07-17-2019 10:43 PM
  • 902
There’s no straightforward way to create highlighted text in Photoshop like you can in Adobe InDesign. However, with this trick you can create highlighted text with great results in less than a minute. There are two ways to create highlighted text in Photoshop. The first is to simply draw rectangles behind your text with the Rectangle tool. Another way is to transform the underline which is what you’ll learn in this tutorial.The post How to Create Highlighted Text in Photoshop appeared first on Photoshop Tutorials.... READ MORE
Photoshop Tutorials | 07-16-2019 10:43 PM
  • 219
Throughout history, paintings have undergone a distinct revolution. When two-dimensional paintings were no longer popular, artists had figured out different ways to allow the third dimension to impact the painting. We call that third dimension “perspective,” and it’s just as important in photography as in painting.photo by Dominik Brygier The use of perspective can add an extra sense of depth to your images. But, it’s ineffective unless you define a horizon. The horizon line is the space where everything you see gets so small that... READ MORE
Picture Correct | 04-12-2019 1:37 PM
  • 1135
What You'll Be CreatingIn this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add a simple photo effect using actions in Adobe Photoshop. First, we'll edit the background and then place the object into a set of shapes. Each step will be recorded into actions which can be used in any photo.In the end, I will also show you how to automate the actions further by using JavaScript.There are many photo templates, such as this effect, available on Envato Market.Looking for more Photoshop collage templates and... READ MORE
Tuts+ Photo & Video | 03-14-2019 1:44 AM
  • 273
Today’s lesson is creating contrast and depth with values in one light portraits. It’s interesting because lights and darks are opposites. Whites come forward in the image, whereas blacks will recede in the back.Now we have Michael here and his hair is white so if I put him on a white background, his hair and his face are going to recede into the background. It’s not going to have the same strength to the image if I put him on a dark background, which is... READ MORE
The Slanted Lens | 01-10-2019 12:00 PM
  • 558
The post How to Customize Your Lightroom Workspace for Better Workflow appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Darina Kopcok.Although it is sometimes overshadowed by its powerful cousin Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom is a robust post-processing program in its own right.Lightroom is designed with simplicity in mind, however, it still offers a lot of options and can be confusing to new users.This article assumes you have a basic familiarity with the appearance of the various panels in the Lightroom, and gives you some... READ MORE
Digital Photography School | 01-10-2019 5:00 AM
  • 590
There’s more to shooting major cities than typical tourist destinations. Learn how to find the hidden corners of popular locations with tips from these six experienced travel photographers.In the late 19th century, photographers like Francis Bedford, Solomon Nunes Carvalho, and Francis Frith showed us the world. Through their images, the public was able to see the Egyptian pyramids, the churches of Jerusalem, and the plains of the American West for the first time. In the last 100-plus years, travelers with cameras have revealed extraordinary places... READ MORE
Shuttertstock | 01-10-2019 3:00 AM
  • 340
If you love flowers and photography, then you probably take a lot of photos of flowers. The best way to appreciate flowers is by shooting them close-up. They have magnificent details and their colors are amazing. The great thing about flowers is that you can shoot them indoors or outdoors. Some of my most successful photos have been taken inside. Here are some tips that will help you take great flower shots.Photo by Marcelo César Augusto Romeo; ISO 80, f/2.5, 1/1250-second exposure1. Know your equipmentThere’s... READ MORE
Picture Correct | 01-09-2019 7:43 PM
  • 605
I own, as far as I know, at least eight functioning cameras. They all have their appropriate uses, their strengths, and their weaknesses. One is for when I need really high resolution. One can fly in the air. One can attach to my bike helmet, and one can shoot at 11 frames per second. But the one camera that I pretty much always have on me, of course, is the one in my cell phone. It’s not the best camera, but it sure is handy.This... READ MORE
Creative Live | 11-01-2018 9:00 AM
  • 1416
Silhouette photography is a great way to add interest to an image. They make a scene feel dramatic or dreamy. Before you grab your camera and start snapping away, read on. You’ll learn everything you’ll need for a successful silhouette photography shoot. From equipment and settings to composition tools.  [ExpertPhotography...The post How to Shoot Spectacular Silhouette Photography appeared first on ExpertPhotography.... READ MORE
Expert Photography | 09-28-2018 4:20 AM
  • 509
Autumn offers a wide range of photographic opportunities, especially for those who love colors and moody days. With the quickly changing scenery, colorful landscapes and shorter days, it’s not hard to understand why it’s the favorite season of so many photographers.But how do you capture the vibrancy of it? How do you walk home with beautiful images? A typical problem with autumn photography is the dull and flat images that aren’t able to convey the colors or atmosphere presented. That’s what I’ll help with, in this... READ MORE
Capture Landscapes | 09-20-2018 5:22 AM
  • 245
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In photography, the eyes are the key to great portraits. If the eyes are soft or out of focus the image is unusable. Glyn Dewis shares his simple technique to enhance the eyes in your portrait photography and ensure they’re tack sharp:1. Making the SelectionUse the Elliptical Marquee tool to drag out a selection of both eyes. Notice how Dewis selects the area just inside of the black outline of the eye so he can feather the selection later... READ MORE
Picture Correct | 09-15-2018 1:36 PM
  • 141
You have your subject, you have your digital camera, and you want to take complete control over your photograph with the correct exposure. Whether you’re shooting portrait or landscape photography, understanding exposure is critical in order to get the best in-camera shot possible.Simply put, exposure is light striking a sensor (or if you’re going old-school, a frame of film). Having good exposure can make or break an image so is critical to get right. You control exposure with three parameters: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.... READ MORE
Creative Live | 08-29-2018 9:35 AM
  • 202
White balance is a term that is often used in photography but might be a little confusing to new photographers. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to learn. And even if you do mess it up the first few times, if you’re shooting in RAW, it’s easily correctable once you know what you’re looking at. We’ll touch on that in this article too, but first, let’s discuss what white balance is.What Is White Balance?In short, white balance is important because you want the colors in the... READ MORE
PhotographyPla.net | 08-15-2018 1:19 PM
  • 155
Photo by Izzy Hudgins in partnership with with French Knot Studios for RuffledBlogIn 2018, you couldn’t attend a corporate event, a party, or a wedding without being handed a plastic mustache on a stick and getting pulled into a photo booth. Photo booth companies – like our friends at the Slow Motion Booth – got creative with their offerings, breathing new life into the old carnival staple. But what if you’re a wedding photographer, how do you get in on this candid photography trend?Easy – you create... READ MORE
Creative Live | 08-03-2018 7:00 AM
  • 202
Who doesn’t love Pixar? In the best of times the mad boffins at their studios are able to make ‘the good life’ even better, touching the souls of most cynical, and in the tumultuous times like these the effect is even more profound.Suffice to say it’s hard to escape the trappings of Pixar’s joyous output, but to earn that kind of reputation comes at the cost of consistency, and creating Pixar films is an exhaustive process, even if a labor of love; every minute detail... READ MORE
SLR Lounge | 06-09-2018 2:29 PM
  • 257
Show Promo ImageWe’ve featured several tutorials on how to use the powerful Curves tool in Photoshop and Shutterbug readers keep asking for more so here’s another one, this time from Colin Smith at photoshopCAFE.Fri, 05/11/2018Shutterbug Staff... READ MORE
Shutterbug | 05-11-2018 11:45 AM
  • 1038
We know, you already have so much on your plate that how dare we ask you to take on another thing. And it is especially egregious because we’re asking you to do something that requires equipment and a set of the skills you have no time to learn.But hear us out. While we understand if you have no time or desire to shift your resources to something new, there are some very positive effects taking up a little bit of photography can have on your... READ MORE
Creative Live | 05-03-2018 10:00 AM
  • 207
Today, let’s get a bit into portrait photography. Here are two quick tips for you. Though they may seem minor, they can make a HUGE difference in the effectiveness of your portraits. Who knows, maybe you’ll start winning some of those photo contests!Photo by Mustafa Sayed; ISO 100, f/11.0, 1/200-second exposure.Today’s first tip involves photographing people’s joints.No, I am not talking about marijuana. I’m talking about physical joints, like wrists elbows, knees, and so on.Photo by Igor Gorshkov; ISO 200, f/3.5, 1/250-second exposure.One of our... READ MORE
Picture Correct | 04-28-2018 3:46 PM
  • 450
FROM RAW TO GLORIOUS JPEG #6: We’ll play with a photo I shot a few years ago in New York City to get this...... READ MORE
TutVid | 04-27-2018 4:00 PM
  • 115
Photographer Andrew Marr doesn't specialize in lighthouse photography, but when he was visiting Augusta in the southwest of Australia, he had a good opportunity for lighthouse photography. The only problem was that the exposure range in the scene was dramatic, leading Marr to bracket exposures using his Fujifilm X-T2.Normally, Marr uses graduated neutral density filters to balance scenes, but he had forgotten them at camp so he needed to combine exposures during post-processing. In total, Marr combined five frames using... ... READ MORE
Imaging Resource | 04-23-2018 9:30 AM
  • 226
Have you ever felt like your photos were missing something? In this quick Photoshop tutorial, learn how to make your photos pop with this simple sharpening technique to bring your photos to life in minutes.[ Read More ]... READ MORE
FStoppers | 04-21-2018 12:04 PM
  • 678
Whether you are a food blogger or starting out in professional food photography, you will need to develop your food styling skills. Food styling is inseparable from lighting and composition. All of these components work together equally in the aesthetic of the final photo. If one of them is off, the...The post The Right Tools for Food Photography Styling and How to Use Them appeared first on Expert Photography.... READ MORE
Expert Photography | 04-21-2018 10:00 AM
  • 1018
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